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We're Better Than Gary

Burning Toast for 21 Years

We're Better Than Gary: Burning Toast for 21 Years
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This is an RPG for the badgers. The point is to play someone opposite yourself and to post as them. All applications to "play" are moderated by myself and Jeffy. We're doing this to make sure we don't get more than one person playing someone. Just e-mail one of us your name and who you want to be and we'll get back to you on it. Also, you must open up a new LJ name for the person you are, you can not post under your regular LJ name. Thanks!!

-@Mav and @Jeffy

*Members and The Characters*
Maverick: Sean sirseanotoaster
Jeffy: Diane goatgoddess
Penny: Klo britishbadger
Amber: Penny domspenis
MJ: Margo gregors_lover
Klo: LeXx badgerlexx
Ness: Paul mrpaultoyou
Emmers: Daivik stinkycloud
Anyone: Portuch portuch
Lauren(CC): Jeffy jeffymcbean
Chaser: Kat peteisthesex
Alex: Gary lurkish_afroman