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Woe is me, and ho is you.

Where to begin? Last night at some ungodly hour, I took down Sean's webboard for minimal maintainence. I then proceeded to fight with the missus over my excessive lurking on the Internet. She's right, I'm wrong. It's the same sick foreplay we've been running since we got married. The outcome was different this time. Long story short, I'm staying at Diane's house tonight and I hope Sean doesn't try to make instant oatmeal in the toaster again. I wholly wish he would make use of the subscription to Report on Toasters magazine Diane and I bought him for Christmas last year. There are some interesting how-to tips that even Paul could understand.

:: GARY ::

P.S. I would just like to add that as much as Diane may try to dissuade you, I do in fact have a wife. She's a sexy fashion model and YES, it is possible for a sexy fashion model to like me. And no, it's not true that the only reason I'm staying at Diane's house tonight is because I'm terrified of being alone in the dark.
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