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I less than three toast.

I hate Diane. JUST BECAUSE I ACCIDENTALLY decided that maybe the reason why chat wasn't working because it didnt have enough butter on it and then just because I accidentally broke the wireless on her computer...I mean did she really have to kick me out of the house? I didn't think so. She shall be severely punished as soon as I become King of the ScottishNess

Went to Fionn McCool's again. Met waiter named Sean. SOOO not as cool as me. My ScottishNess is far more superior than his is. My scottishNess kicks his ScottishNess' arse. BWAHAHAHAHA!! fecking lightweight.

OOO its chilly out here in my card board box trash can shanty luxrious mansion. Must tell Smithers to turn the heat up. Oh, and must tell Fritz that there shall be more for dinner...

Upate on Billy: ALLY has informed me that it is an AFFIRMATIVE that Billy prefers this man named 'Dom'. Must look into this. This Dom may prove vital in the down fall of the So-Not-As-Scottish-As-Moi-Even-Though-Moi-Is-French-Fuck-Technacalities...what was I talking about again?

Alan Rickman didn't win an Emmy and I know why. Because Oliver Wood was not in the story line to which he was in. If there had been an incredibly handsome, witty, charmikng and alluring quidditch captain in the plot line, dear old Alan would have won. Poor him.

That is all i have time for I need to get out of this mansion before the guy that owns it realizes im in hed bedrobe and slippers and smoking his pipe... Fritz has prepared dinner. Yes I eat at midnight...**shifty eyes**

Bye Bye.
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