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Oh the Possibilites of being king....

*sings* "Oh I just can't waaaaaaaiiiiiiiitttt to be KIIIIIING!!!!"

I really have nothing important happen to me. Is that sentence grammatically correct? Who knows. I don't care!! LA LA LA LA LA!!

I have decided to move to Norwegiana and live in the back country in a wig wam where grammar doesn't matter!!! *puts fingers in ears* LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!

I have to pee. I'll be right back.


Okay I'm done.

Just to clear things up, Guys, I am not having an affair with anyone...Okay? So please stop sending me 'Congrats' cards to congratulate me on me my relationship with...someone...And another note, how come none of the notes talking about my "girlfriend" have the same name?


Err...I mean I am seeing someone. Someone with big boobs. And is a man not a woman....I like boobs.

Oh shit,,,I just realised I can't be King of Scottish if I'm in Norwegiania,,,wait, yes I can. I'm the king!!! I can do whatever the hell I want yay!! LA LA LA LA!!! Like killy Billy!!!

I hate Billy. He thinks he's SOOOOO cool when really he is SOOOOO not. I mean obviously! Obviously I am the more scottish and all these congrats cards say so too!! So there!! I win!! Bwahahaha!!

Update on Operation Killeh Billeh: ALLY has informed me that errr....the wait....who did she put it...oh yes that "The Nasty" between them was uneventful. Apparently Billy likes males. Ally has given information on who she thinks will be Billy's next victim. Have begun approaching the victim to buy him out or at least knock him out and pose like him.

Okay I'm done guys. I need to go pack to go to Norwegiania!!!

Bye Bye.
Sean O Toaster
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